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London, Ottolenghi & pomegranate

In Israelian kitchen, Middle Eastern kitchen, Palestinian kitchen on March 1, 2011 at 4:46 pm

Recently Merijn was in London for delicious. and visited the fantastic Ottolenghi places, the one in Islington, and met Yotam & Sami. It was so great to see their warm and superb Middle Eastern fusion kitchen live. Even nicer was Yotam’s warm enthusiasm. Merijn gave him our books, and we are proud he loves them as much as we loves his/their books. We made plans to cook together here in Amsterdam, as Yotam’s coming to promote his great Plenty book.  And to conclude this post: a festive cocktail (with or without champagne) with pomegranate for prosperity and a free future for the whole Arab world!

Prosperous pomegranate cocktail

Mix pomegranate juice with champaign or sparkling water, make mint sugar from fresh mint, lemon rind and sugar and dip the wet glasses in the mintlemonsugar. Pour in the pomogranate cocktail and add some seeds!

  1. Hi :)! This picture seems so so nice and delicious that I had to write you an e-mail to ask you for the recipe. It’s really more than amazing, i’ll try it on my own, if I only get the recipe. I can see the aubergine, nuts and feta cheese (?), but I don’t know what’s the rest- a kind of spicy tomato sauce maybe? Also the other photos looks amazing, so congradulations for your culinary cooking. Nice day and best regards,Manca

    • Hi Manca, this recipe was the Ottolenghi salad! But it looks like roasted slices of aubergine, with a roasted tomato sauce (we would add some cinnamon), crumbled feta cheese, roasted hazelnuts and parsely. Give a try, good luck! you can see more of our books on, check Arabia & Bismilla Arabia….but…only in Dutch (till so far, but hopefully soon in English!) & (our dutch blog).
      Enjoy! Merijn & Nadia – Cookbookarabia

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